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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
Home   >   Jordan Craig Machy Int'l LLC   >   August 22 2017

33 Ton, AMADA, VIPROS III 3510 NT, 58 STA., 4 A/I, MFG: 2004 Ref: 10884

33 Ton, AMADA, VIPROS III 3510 NT, 58 STA., 4 A/I, MFG: 2004

Motion Package Specifications
Travel method: X and Y axes work piece movement
Control Method: X, Y, T & C
Drive Motors: Fanuc AC Servo (X, Y, T, C)
Maximum sheet size: 50" (Y) x 196. 85" (X) with one repositioning cycle

(additional material tables required when processing material)
Maximum sheet thickness: 0.135"
Maximum material weight: 154 lbs.
Maximum axis travel: 98.425" (X) by 50" (Y)
Max. linear table speed (X/Y/combined): 3934 ipm/3149 ipm/5039 ipm
Punching accuracy: +/- 0.0027"
Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.001"
Repeatability: +/- 0.001"

Punching System Specifications
Press capacity: 33 tons
Press stroke: 1.772"
Stroke rate: Pitch Stroke Stroke rate
0.079" 0.236" 600/510
1.000" 0.236" 410/320
Maximum hole diameter: 4.5"
Tool type: Amada Thick
Turret rotation speed: 33 RPM
Feed clearance: 0.984"
Auto index rotation speed: 60 RPM
Turret: 58 stations 4 Auto-Index

AMNC-F Controller
Model: AMNC-F (with PHNC)
Control function: X, Y, T & C
Input method: MDI, DNC
Minimum command unit: 0.001" (X, Y) 0.01" (C)
Minimum travel unit: 0.001" (X, Y) 0.01" (C)

Operating modes: Automatic, MDI & Manual
Display modes: Program contents, position information, program check,

parameters, tool hit counter, self diagnostics
Interlock displays: Oil temperature, oil pressure, door open

Turret configuration: 58 Station 4 Auto-Index
24: 1/2"
12: 1-1/4"
4: 2"
2: 3-1/2"
2: 1-1/4" Auto-Index
2: 4-1/2" Auto-Index

Equipped with:
Fanuc Series 180i-PB CNC controller
58 station 4 auto-index turret
Brush table design
Tool type-Amada thick

Jordan Craig Machy Int'l LLC
PO Box 737 New City NY 10956-0737
Tel: 845-398-0073 Fax: 845-398-0074
Email (Request Quote):

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