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Used Equipment
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Used Equipment Directory

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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
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3/4" TSUGAMI BO206III, Fanuc 31iTB, 2016, HPC, Mist Collector Ref: 400669

3/4  TSUGAMI BO206III, Fanuc 31iTB, 2016, HPC, Mist Collector

          All details must be confirmed by buyer
          Equipped With
              Glass scales on the X2 and Y2
              Tsugami MP Systems 2000 PSI Coolant System with 8 Outputs for Oil
              Tsugami Tri Mist 850 Mist Collection System
              Chucker Kit avail - - POR
          New and Used Bar Feeds available - Please Inquire
          General Specifications per manufacturer
          Control:                                         Fanuc 31iTB
          Maximum Bar Stock:                               20 mm / 0.79" 
          # Axes:                                          6 
          Sliding Headstock / Guide Bushing:               YES 
          CONVERTIBLE: Run w/o Guide Bushing (chucker):    YES 
          Max  Length: with Guide Bushing"                 210mm / 8.26"
          Max Length: w/o Guide Bushing                    45 mm / 1.77"
          # Tool Positions (std / max):                    25 (std) 
          # Live Tool Positions (std / max):               2 (optional) 
          Main Spindle  Speed:                             200 - 10,000 rpm 
          Sub Spindle Speed:                               200 - 12,000 rpm
          Rotary Axis:                                     Main Spindle Full "C" 
                                                           Back Spindle 1 degree
          Live Tool Speed:                                 8,000 rpm 
          Main Spindle Motor:                              2.2 / 3.7 kW 
          Back Spindle motor:                              1.5 / 2.2 kW
          Axis;                                            0.5 kW (X1,X2,Y1,Y2,Z1,Z2)
          Cross Drill:                                     0.75 kW (option)
          Coolant Pump:                                    0.25 kW
          Lubricating Oil Pump:                            3 W
          Weight:                                          2,050 kg / 4,520 lbs 
          Footprint:  W x D x H:                           1,655x 1,125x 1,700 mm
                                                           65.2"  x 44.3" x  66.9"  
          Key Advantages Include:
           - Enhanced 6-Axis Swiss Type Lathe at minimal investment cost
           - Y2 Axis Added to Back Tool Post - enabling multiple back milling operations
          plus simultaneous operation of the main and sub spindle
           -25 Total Tool Positions - multiple rotary and fixed tool configurations:
          2,3 or 4 spindle Cross Drill Option and Tooling
           - Back Milling Operations - Back slotting, back end milling, back cross
           - 210 mm Stroke, 45 mm when used in chucker mode
           - Rapid Traverse Rate of 32 m/min - shortens idle and cycle times
           -Enriched NC Functions Standard - tool nose radius compensation, chamfering
          and corner rounding and cutoff detection plus many more.

Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
150 Martin St Longmont CO 80501-5939
Tel: 800-543-7666 Fax: 303-651-6556
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