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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
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1 1/4", Citizen M32V (3M5), 2008, Gang & Turret Y-axis, 10-axis, Loader, 1-shift Ref: 400466

1 1/4 , Citizen M32V (3M5), 2008, Gang & Turret Y-axis, 10-axis, Loader, 1-shift


           General Specifications As Per OEM Brochure (Please Verify Details):
           Equipped With:
             Cincom CAV/32-IS 12' Magazine Bar Loader 
             Long Parts Attachment
             Parts Conveyor 
             Coolblaster CB510 10-High Pressure Coolant System
             MistBuster 850 Mist Collection System
             Fire Suppression
             TP1000L Presetter with (1) CTP101L Presetter Block
             Chip Conveyor, Low discharge
           Note: Machine has only run a single shift since new!
           Estimated list of tooling included, please verify:
             (1) M32V-U420B-K   Back Work Adapter for Long Workpieces
             (1) M332V-U420B-K  Workpiece Conveyor Set
             (1) KSC110         Cross Drilling Spindle
             (2) KSC510         Double Cross Drill Spindle ER16 Collet
             (2) KSC216         Cross Drilling Spindle for #2 Turret (Rego ER25)
             (3) KSE310         Deep Face Drilling Spindle Rego ER16
             (3) KSE210         Face Drill Spindle for Back Work
             (2) CTF1116        Double Turning 5/8 x 5/8 x 3 (Incl Coolant Nozzel)
             (3) CTF116L        5/8 x 5/8 Turning Holder
             (4) CTF216L        5/8 x 5/8 Rev. Spindle Turning
             (1) CTF416L        5/8 x 5/8 Turning Holder with 1" Shift
             (2) CDF201         Double End Sleeve Holder
             (3) CDF301         Sleeve Holder for Back Drill
             (3) ADS310         Dual End Sleeve
             (6) ADS110         Short Sleeve Rego ER16
             (1) CDF101         1" ID SIngle Sleeve Holder
             (1) CDF901         Triple Sleeve Holder
           Citizen M32V (3M5), Y Axis Turret:
             2-Tools in the cut, live tool from gang and turret, Independent & 
              synchronous, Sub-spindle. 
             Turret can come off the face and machine while the sub spindle is drawing
           General Specifications:
           Control:                                   Cincom Mitsubishi
           Axes                                       C1,C2,X1,X2,X3,Y1,Y2,Z1,Z2,Z3
           Machining Diameter:                        1.25"
           Machining Length:                          12.5"
           Front Drilling Diameter:                   .47"
           Front Tapping Size:                        M10
           Spindle Through-Hole Diameter:             1.41"
           Main Spindle Speed:                        200-8000 RPM
           Drilling Diameter (Gang Tool):             .27"
           Drilling Diameter (Turret):                .39"
           Tapping Diameter (Gang Tool):              M6
           Tapping Diameter (Turret):                 M8
           Rotary Tool Speed (Gang Tool):             200-5000 RPM
           Rotary Tool Speed (Turret):                200-5000 RPM
           Back working:
           Chuck Diameter of Back Spindle:            1.25"
           Workpiece Length for Front Side 
            Collection From Back Spindle:             5.7"
           Drilling Dia in Back Machining Process:    .39"
           Tapping Dia in Back Machining Process:     M8
           Back Spindle Speed:  200-7000 RPM
           Tooling Layout:
           Number of Tools to be Mounted:             22
           Turning Tools on Gang Tool Post:           5
           Rotary Tools on Gang Tool Post:            4
           Tools on Turret:                           10 (Indexed at 20)
           Turret travels:                            X,Y,Z
           Gang tool travels:                         X,Y
           Tools on Back Tool Post:                   3
           Tool Size - Gang Tool Post:                .625" x .625" x 5.11"
           Tool Size - Turret:                        .625" x .625" x 3.54"
           Tool Size - Turret (Sleeve):               1"
           Tool Size - Back Tool Post (Sleeve):       1"
           Main Spindle Drive:                        3.7/5.5KW
           Tool Spindle Drive (Gang Tool):            1.0KW
           Tool Spindle Drive (Turret):               .75/1.5KW
           Back Spindle Drive:                        1.5/2.2KW
           Machine Weight:                            6900 lbs.
           Machine Dims/Weight (approx):              112" x 62" x 82" w/ mist unit
             Machine Weight                             6,900 lbs
             Dims with LPA                            150" x 62" x 82"
           Cool Blaster:                              45" x 32" x 22"; 500 lbs
           Chip/Coolant Pan:                          74.5" x 54" x 23" 150 lbs
           Barfeed:                                   200" x 29" x 55" 2,500 lbs

Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
150 Martin St Longmont CO 80501-5939
Tel: 800-543-7666 Fax: 303-651-6556
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