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Used Equipment
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Used Equipment Directory

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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
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1 1/2" TSUGAMI, BO385A-II, FANUC OITD, 2013, Low Hours, Edge BF Ref: 399260

1 1/2  TSUGAMI, BO385A-II, FANUC OITD, 2013, Low Hours, Edge BF

          All details must be confirmed by the buyer.
          Equipped With:
               Edge Patriot 338 Bar Feed
               V2-H08 MP Systems 2000 PSI High Pressure Coolant System
               LNS Turbo Chip Conveyor
               MistPro 850 Mist Collector
               Firetrace Fire supresion System
               Part Catcher
          Approx 1400 cutting hours!
          General Specifications
          Control                                     Fanuc 0i-TD
          Axses                                       X1,Z1,Y1,X2,Z2,C1,C2
          Working Barstock Diameter                   8 - 38mm
          Max Machining length:                       250mm
          Max Main Spindle Drilling Dia:              13mm
          Max Main Spindle Tapping Dia:               M12
          Max Back Spindle Chucking Dia:              38mm
          Max Back Spindle Drilling Dia:              12mm
          Max Spindle Tapping Dia:                    M12
          Max Cross Drilling Dia:                     10mm
          Max Cross Tapping Dia:                      M8
          Max Tool Spindle Slotting Cutter Dia:       45mm
          Max Back Drilling Dia:                      8mm (Optional)
          Max Back Tapping Dia:                       6mm (Optional)
          Main Spindle Speed:                         200-6,000 RPM
          Main Spindle Indexing:                      C-Axis
          Back Spindle Speed:                         200-7,000 RPM
          Rotary Guide Bushing Speed:                 200-6,000 RPM
          Tool Spindle Speed:                         200-5,000 RPM
          Tool Storage Capacity (Std/Opt):            20/31
          Tool Size:                                  20mm x 20mm x 125mm
          Rapid Traverse Rate:                        45 m/min (X1,Y1,Z1: 24 m/mm)
                                                      (X2: 32 m/mm)
          Controlled Linear Axes:                     5-Axis
          Main Spindle:                               7.5/11 Kw
          Back Spindle:                               3.7/5.5 Kw
          Axis:                                       Z1:1.2 Kw/X1,Y1:0.75 Kw
                                                      X2,Z2: 2.5 Kw
          Cross Drill:                                1.0 Kw
          Coolant Pump:                               0.4 Kw
          Lubricating Oil Pump:                       3 W
          Power Source:                               30 Kva
          Compressed Air Requirement:                 0.4 MPA or Above
          Air Discharge Rate:                         100 NL/Min
          Coolant Tank Capacity:                      195 L
          Machine Dimensions:                         100" x 53" x 78"
          Machine Wright:                             10,141 lbs

Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
150 Martin St Longmont CO 80501-5939
Tel: 800-543-7666 Fax: 303-651-6556
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