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Used Equipment
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Used Equipment Directory

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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
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0B7015 BRAKES, PRESS, Hydraulic (Tons)
242 Ton x 12', JMT ADS37220, CNC, Delem control, 2-axis back gauge, 10-2" BH Ref: 396439

242 Ton x 12', JMT ADS37220, CNC, Delem control, 2-axis back gauge, 10-2  BH


           Standard Configuration (Y1, Y2/X/R/Motorized Crowning)             
           Y1,Y2 Closed Loop Ram Positioning                                  Included
           Delem DA66W Windows Based Graphical Control (includes 3D viewing)  Included
           CNC Controlled X/R  Axis Back Gauge                                Included
           Universal Box Forming Punch Clamp                                  Included
           CNC Controlled Crowning Table                                      Included
           Rear Work Light                                                    Included
           Front covers and rear guarding                                     Included
           Sliding Front Sheet Supports with Linear Rail                      Included
           Dual Palm/Foot Station w/Selector Switch                           Included
           Backgauge Options 39" Back Gauge                                    3,835
           CNC Controlled Z1,Z2 Back Gauge
               (CNC control of fingers moving left to right)                  14,174
                                                               Included Above Price)
           X Prime (+5 inches, -5 inches travel) CNC Controlled                8,171
           Split Backgauge X1, X2                                             14,174
           AP3 & AP4 CNC Sheet Following Units / 
               Parking Station Bed Ext                                25,846 / 5,003
           Control & Offline Software                                         
           Delem Vbend Cad Bending Software w/ DXF. Converter or Vdraw Module 13,340
           Additional Seat of V-Bend Software                                  6,900
           Delem Profile W3D software                                          7,000
           3D Viewing Module for 2D Control (3D software required)             2,501
           Tooling & Tool Clamping
           JMT Universal Die Rail - Holds both AM or Euro Tooling              2,640
                                                                Included Above Price
           JMT AM Punch Full Length Upper Tool Flame Hardened H=3 3/4",
               85 degree, R 0.8                                                1,276
           JMT 4-Way Percision Ground Flame Hardened Die 
               (5/8",7/8",1 3/8", 2")                                          1,641
                                                                Included Above Price
           Wila NSCLll  Hydraulic Punch Clamping - PREMIUM                    16,350
           Wila NSCL l  Hydraulic Punch Clamping - PRO                        11,400
                                                                Inlcuded Above Price
           Wila Hydraulic Die Clamping - OB-I-HC/ES IV BOTTOM 
               HYDRAULIC CLAMPING                                              9,850
           Wila Power Pack (required for clamping)                             4,002
           Operational Safegarding                                            
           DFS 1 Laser Finger Protection                        Included Above Price
           AKAS Manual                                                         5,003
           FOB: Salt Lake City, UT
           Deposit required to hold machine
           Shipping, Installation & Training available..... POR

Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
150 Martin St Longmont CO 80501-5939
Tel: 800-543-7666 Fax: 303-651-6556
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Used Equipment
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