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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
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1-1/4" GANESH CYCLONE 32NCY, 2010, 4-axis, Gang, sliding headstock, 7-live tools Ref: 394347

1-1/4  GANESH CYCLONE 32NCY, 2010, 4-axis, Gang, sliding headstock, 7-live tools

          General Specifications As Per OEM Brochure (Please Verify Details);
          ***************** VERY LOW HOURS **************
          AXIS TRAVELS
          CNC Controlled Axis                  4 (X,Y,Z,&C) w/High-Performance C-axis
          X-Axis Travel (Vertical Tool)        7.5" (190mm) THK (Japan) Linear Ways
          Y-Axis Travel (Cross Tool)           11.4" (290mm) THK (Japan) Linear Ways
          Z-Axis Travel (Sliding Headstock     6.5" (165mm) THK (Japan) Linear Ways
          C-Axis Travel (Rotational Axis)      360 degrees (360,000 radial positions)
          Spindle Bore (Usable bar diameter)   1.25" (32mm) 
          Spindle Speed Range                  100-6,000 RPM (or Hi Torque 4,000 RPM Optional)
          Spindle Horsepower                   10-HP 
          Spindle Center Height                38" (965mm)
          Rigid Tapping on Main Spindle        Yes
          Spindle Collet Type                  Traub A-32
          Number and size of turning tools     6 Tool Stations of " or 12mm
            (5 stations of 5/8" Optional)
          Number of Internal Static Tools      5 ID tool stations (25mm bores) 
            for tool bushings/collets
          I.D. Tool Bores (Round Shank)        25mm bore for ER-20 collets or split 
            or solid tool bushings
          Number of cross working driven tools 4-cross driven tool stations 
            with ER20 collet holders
          Number of end working live tools     3-axial driven tool stations with
            ER20 collet holders
          Size of driven tools (round shank)   ER-20 collet capacity (1/16" - ")
            (1-13mm) diameter
          Rigid Tapping with Driven Tools      YES
          Driven Tool programmable range       0-6,000 RPM - stepless speed range
          Driven Tool HP                       2.0 (HP) 1.5kw (Radial Live Tools)
          AXIS DRIVES
          Rapid Travers Rate - X,Y,&Z axis     1.181 ipm (30m/minute)
          Maximum federate for thread cutting  236 (ipm (6m/minute)
          Minimum Programmable Input           0.000039" (0.001mm)
          C-Axis Resolution                    0.001 degree (360,000 Radial Positions)
          Brushless AC Servo Motor Drive       X = 1.5HP (1KW), Y&Z =.75 HP (.5 KW)
          Ballscrew diameter                   25mm double-nut NSK ballscrews
          Connected Load Power Consumption     16 KVA - 42 amps @ 208-240 vac 
          Pneumatic Requirements               80 - 90 psi @ 1 cfm for parts catcher
            and spindle brake
          Coolant Pump Motor/ Tank Capacity    3/4 HP / 25 gallon tank with 
            dual filtration
          Automatic Metered Lubrication system 3-6cc/15-minute 
            (adjustable lubrication flow rate)
          Floor Space - L X W                  72.9" X 63.4" (1,852 x 1,611mm)
          Machine Height                       75.5" (1,919 mm)
          Machine Net Weight                   5,500 lbs (2,500 kgs)
          Equipped With:
            Fanuc CNC Control
            Rigid Tapping 
            Line input transformer
            Misc Tooling
            Barfeed interface
            Parts Catcher and conveyor
            Fanuc CNC Control 
            Y Axis
            Full C Axis 
            Spindle Brake
            Parts Catcher
            Chip Conveyor
            Full C-Axis
            240V/3Phase/60Hz/ 30amp
          Under power for your immediate inspection!

Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
150 Martin St Longmont CO 80501-5939
Tel: 800-543-7666 Fax: 303-651-6556
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