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Used Equipment Directory

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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
Home   >   Automatics & Machinery Co Inc   >   June 24 2017

3/4", Citizen A20VII, 2014, Fanuc 32iT, 1" Conversion, Loader, HPC, 500 hrs Ref: 395678

3/4 , Citizen A20VII, 2014, Fanuc 32iT, 1  Conversion, Loader, HPC, 500 hrs


           Information from OEM Brochure, buyer should verify all details.
           Equipped With:
             Fanuc 32iT CNC Control
             25mm (1") Guide Bushing Option (GB-A20-25MM-ADP-ASM)  
              Conversion Kit w/ all available Collets & Guide Bushing 
             Edge C320 Automatic Bar Loader; 25MM (1") Channel Set & 
              Pusher (C320-PSBKQ3203728C-25) 
             Work Piece Conveyor
             Cool Blaster 10-line, 2000 psi, High Pressure Coolant System with Heat
              Exchanger System (CB510-10LH-A20T7-MKIT) 
             Cool Blaster 850 Mist Control 
             Chip Conveyor (A220-U90J-1) 
             Fire Trace Fire Suppression System 
             3 Color Patrol Light
           Excellent Condition - a must see machine!
           On Hours:      1632
           Cutting Hours:  443
           Citizen-Cincom Evolution A2207PL 
           Machining Diameter:                            3/4" (25mm optional) 
           Machining Length:                              6"/1 Chucking
           Front Drilling Diameter:                       1/2"
           Front Tapping Diameter (tap, Die):             M8
           Spindle Through-hole Diameter:                 1 1/4"
           Main Spindle Speed:                            8,000 RPM
           Drilling Diameter of Gang Rotary Tool:         1/4"
           Tapping Diameter of Gang Rotary Tool:          M6
           Spindle Speed of Gang Rotary Tool:             6,000 RPM
           Chuck Diameter of Back Spindle:                3/4" (25mm optional)
           Workpiece Length for Front Side Ejection:      4"
           Drilling Diameter in Back Machining Process:   5/16"
           Tapping Diameter In Back Machining Process:    M6
           Back Spindle Speed:                            8,000 RPM
           Number of Tools to be Mounted:                 21
           Turning Tools on The Gang Tool Post:           3
           Rotary Tools for Cross Machining:              4
           Tools for Front Drilling:                      4
           Tools for Back Drilling:                       8 (4+4)
           Rapid Feed Rate
           X2, Y1, Z1, Z2 Axes:                           1259 IPM
           X1 Axis:                                       708 IPM
           Spindle Drive:                                 2.9/4.9 HP
           Tool Spindle Drive:                            1 HP
           Back Spindle Drive:                            1.50/2 HP
           Center Height:                                 41"
           Input Power Capacity:                          6 KVA
           Weight:                                        5,621 lbs

Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
150 Martin St Longmont CO 80501-5939
Tel: 800-543-7666 Fax: 303-651-6556
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