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Used Equipment
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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
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NEW 1 /4 - 3"Dia, Lexair Rhinobar (RB 3.0) 6' or 12' Bar Feed Ref: 333572

          General Specifications from Brochure
          Features:                                 Single tube
                                                    Muzzle-loaded design
          Capacity:                                 3" maximum
          Length:                                   6 or 12'
          Interchangeable feed tubes
             = Three (3) feed tubes of customer selected sizes are included
          Pump Motor:                               1HP, 220/440 volt, 3 Phase
          Overall Length:                           18' (12' capacity model)
                                                    12' ( 6' capacity model)
          Weight:                                   1700 lbs.
          *** All prices subject to change with out notice **
          Additional Feed Tubes - available in 1/4" increments from 2-3/4" and priced as
              1-1/4",1-3/8",1-1/2",1-5/8"                               $1300.00 each
              1-3/4",2",2-1/4",2-1/2",2-5/8",2-3/4,3"                   $1410.00 each
          Optional Spindle Liners - Each spindle liner size is priced as follows:
          NOTE:  Prices based on Lathe Draw tube I.D., not stock size.
              1/4" thru 1-1/8"                                          $570.00 each
              2-1/4" thru 2-5/8"                                        $570.00 each
              2-3/4" thru 2/1/8"                                        $570.00 each
              3-1/4" thru 3-1/8"                                        $775.00 each
              4-1/4" thru 5-1/8"                                        P.O.R.
              5-1/4" thru 6-1/8"                                        P.O.R.
          For lathes with spindle bore to 3-1/8" that require 
          a spindle adapter add                                         P.O.R.
          For lathes with spindle bore over 3-1/8" adapters:            quoted per order
          Optional Standard Rhinobar Customer Electrical Cable Package 
              with plugs                                                $375.00
             (Required if OEM Interface includes special plugs instead of terminal
          NOTE:  All bar stock must have a 30 degree chamfer cut on the pusher end to
          achieve the highest performance.
          Warranty - One year, parts and workmanship
          Installation by Lexair Personnel                              $2,800.00
              The standard installation includes set-up and leveling of the bar feeder,
          alignment with lathe spindle
          and bolting to floor (bolts included), electrical connection to lathe,
          (interface supplied by builder), training and run-off of the bar feeder.
          Proper training and run-off depend on the lathe being operational, tooled and
          programmed, as well as stock and machine operator being available.
          NOTE: Additional time, travel and expenses caused by customer, dealer or OEM
          delays will be billed at $120.00 per hour on site, $60.00 per hour travel plus

Automatics & Machinery Co Inc
150 Martin St Longmont CO 80501-5939
Tel: 800-543-7666 Fax: 303-651-6556
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